What types of incentives are available for building owners to install solar green buildings?

This website provides an overview of federal investment and production tax credits for companies that own solar installations, including photovoltaic installations. On this page you will find information on the tax deductions available to improve the energy efficiency of commercial buildings. The structures that house the photovoltaic solar system may be eligible for the ITC if the photovoltaic solar system is designed with the primary purpose of generating electricity and other uses of the structure are merely incidental. Not only will this relationship with an external expert provide the certifications required by these agencies, but early participation will also allow evaluating design alternatives to maximize all incentives for green building.

In addition, any company building a green building should hire an incentive specialist as soon as possible so that they can make design recommendations that ensure that the building is eligible to receive as many incentives as possible. There are numerous sources of green building funding at the national, state and local levels for homeowners, industry, government organizations, and non-profit organizations. For example, the state of Nevada offers buildings that obtain certification under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) of the United States Green Building Council a property tax reduction that can range from 25 to 35%. Under the North Carolina Green Building Incentive, certain locations, such as Mecklenburg County and the City of Asheville, will reimburse a portion of building permit fees for specific projects that promote energy efficiency or include eligible renewable energy technologies.

Other states award prizes to companies simply for building an energy efficient building or for making the facility meet a certain energy use threshold. Green incentives generally target both commercial and residential developers (such as apartments, condominium communities, and production home builders) or those who make improvements or renovations to any building. Incentives come in many forms, including tax credits and deductions, repayments, low-interest loans, grants, bond programs, sales and property tax exemptions, and green building incentives.

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